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  1. Which is more bang for the buck? 383 Stroker or LS

    Engine Topics
    To start this off I have an 86 El Camino (Daily driver) that i am doing an engine swap on soon. (BUDGET $4500-$5500)(GOAL 400+ hp and ft/lbs) Car already has... 305 tbi (stock TBI fuel pump/system) Built TH350 (heat treated gears/shift kit/etc..) Built Grand National rearend with 4.10 POSI I am...
  2. First 496 Stroker build

    Document your restorations and modifications
    Hey everyone, got my 400 SBC running pretty good but i started looking for a BBC replacement. Found an all stock 454 4 bolt main on craigslist with a cherry picker for $400. I just need the core block but this is my first time building a motor so tearing down the stock motor should be a good...
  3. Speedy71 - 1971 El Camino

    Document your restorations and modifications
    So I am at the veru beginning of my restoration process and wanted to post my before , during and after struggles experiences and successes. HaHa! Anyways this was my dad's Elky which he met my mother in. Both have passed away and I have therefore decided to do a full restore in their honor. My...
  4. Need help selecting motor/drivetrain

    Engine Topics
    I'm trying to decide which direction to go with my 71 elky and thought I would ask here. If my dad were still alive I would be talking this over with him, sorry. Anyways, I know just enough to be dangerous as a wanna be motor head and I need some help. My 350 is tired and needs some love. My...
  5. 454 to 496?

    Engine Topics
    been trying to do my research lately and from what i've found so far it isn't too big of a difference in price to do just a regular rebuild than to upgrade it to a 496 stroker...