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  1. Electrical Systems
    Very new to the G-Body game, trying to get my 1980 elk in line completely for state inspections. Im running into an issue with my wiper motor is only engaging when i force pressure onto the motor arm. What could be causing the motor to stick, and how can i resolve this issue?
  2. Interior Restoration
    Now that I have posted about my newly bought 1977 El Camino. You can see that and some pictures here. It is time I start asking some questions. This is probably something simple but the drivers side seat belt seems to be stuck. The top portion of the seat belt seems to work fine if I fiddle with...
  3. Engine Topics
    I have had a high idle problem for awhile, but it would appear spontaniously and rarely, and it the car dieseled it would shortly after turn off. Today it got really bad, the cruck didn't come with a tachometer, but it was idling way too high. It continued while I was driving, and was enough to...
  4. Interior Restoration
    I recently bought my first el camino (1986 so they said...it says 1987 in the door) which is in the process of getting 'inspection ready', but i cannot get the driver side seat to slide back and forth for the life of me. I tried pushing the latches on the tracks with my hands but still nothing...
1-4 of 4 Results