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  1. Audio
    I currently have 2 10" (about 400rms together) subs in boxes in the smugglers box of my 79'. It rattles my bed like crazy. I have a few ideas about what i want to do next with my subs. im going to get a single 12" that puts out about 600rms and 1200 peak. I either: 1. want to put the new sub in...
  2. Audio
    Im trying to install a custom box for my 1979 el camino and i cant seem to find the dimensions anywhere online?
  3. Interior Restoration
    Im trying to install a custom box behind the drivers seat but can't seem to find the dimensions to the space anywhere.
  4. Audio
    i read a previous thread completely denying why this would be a bad idea. i did it... Completely enclosed sub box. CUSTOM. in bed of my '87 El camino. I made box with proposed speaker specs. give me some feed back. On the previous thread, nobody thought it was a good idea.. -btw, i use a two...
  5. Body Restoration
    I am 16 about to turn 17 and i have big plans for my el camino, but some suggestions would help. i am kinda back and forth with two ideas i have.. it has a 305 in it now (runs strong still) but i wanna upgrade it to the 350 we have hanging in the garage. once i pull the motor out to drop the 350...
1-5 of 5 Results