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  1. 87 SS 305 small block 22k miles

  2. 1973 Chevrolet El Camino

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    Hi Fella's Can you help me figure out if this 73' is in fact a Super Sport? I am currently unable to attach pictures of the trim tag and vehicle. Best, Michael
  3. Cowl tag decoder please

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    Hi I have bought a 83 elcamino was told it was a ss but upon inspection i have other thoughts! http://elcaminocentral.com/images/smilies/dontknow.gif looking thru build tags i am seeing different on mine. can some one please help me decipher mine? Thanking you all for any help! D 03D 1GW80 R...
  4. 81 super sport decals?

    does anybody have a picture or know where i can find the Orange and black "super sport" decals for a 1981 ss? it would be a huge help if someone had a picture of the door and tailgate decals thanks:nanawrench:
  5. Project Hellcamino

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    ok well its cold as a witches youknowwhat here in N.C. (way to cold to be outside wrenchin on the truck) so here's a summery of my project so far. i would love to be out workin on the beast right now but here goes nutn... BEWARE OF CRAPPPY CELL PHONE PICTURES!!!! ok so here is what i started...
  6. my project

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    76 ss http://s307.photobucket.com/albums/nn313/bbcrack/hellcamino/
  7. Interior Water Leak - 1983 Diesel Super Sport

    Body Restoration
    Hello, I have been having a water leak in my 1983 Diesel Super Sport on the passenger's side. It comes from the right side of the glove box and left side of the glove box/underneath the center console. When I reverse down my driveway and stop water will just pour out of those two spots.The...
  8. Researching El Caminos toward purchase

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    Hello all: I'm a classic muscle car enthusiast; starting with a nice 64 Nova back in 1975. I've owned several classic Oldsmobiles over the years,and currently own a 1968 Olds Toronado W-34. (W34 being the only high perf option for Toronado's in 1968 that included a 455ci V8, 400hp @550ft lbs...