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  1. Engine Topics
    Hello everyone, Well I am new to this so here it goes. I Have a 1985 El Camino that I recued from my brother. He has done nothing with it for over 10 years and was just going to scrap it. I went over took about 1hr to get it running and the only issue is reverse is out in the transmission...
  2. Engine Topics
    I have a 78 el Camino. how hard is it gonna be to put a vortec 350 in it. I have everything motor tranny wire harness and computer. I have the entire donor vehicle also. Needs help.
  3. Engine Topics
    Hi guys, need some help! Back ground info- I'm in the middle of a crate engine swap, replacing my tired out stock 350 with a GM crate 350- the 260hp version. put new edelbrock performer manifold and carb w/ electric choke on it and without really planning on it, I have replaced just about every...
1-3 of 3 Results