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  1. 1979 GMC Caballero

    Body Restoration
    I want completely swap chassis on my 79 but im not sure what other chassis I can use . Any suggestions?
  2. GMC Caballero New Engine

    Engine Topics
    Ive had my 1978 GMC Caballero for about two years now and it has been awesome. It was my first and car and I'm definitely going to keep it forever. One thing that I have been having trouble with is the tired 305 in it right now. It leaks major oil and it lacks major power. Im not very...
  3. Swap 5th gen front ends?

    Body Restoration
    Started thinking I need another El Camino because you know just one isn't enough right? Found one in good shape but it is the Older 2 headlight style. I believe from 1978-1981. I do not particularly care for this front in but it ain't enough to make me pass up this deal. So I was wondering what...
  4. LT1 Swap - Fuel Tank & Sending Unit

    LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    Hey guys! So my question is about a Carb to FI swap on a 1984 El Camino v6 OBD set up. Donor car I have is 1996 Caprice. I am in the final stages, already acquired all the parts I believe I need for a successful LT1 swap for my Elky. I bought a new fuel tank, one for a 1985-87 EFI, I have yet...
  5. V8 Fan shroud

    Wanted Items
    Hello ever since i swapped my motor i have been looking for a stock fan shroud for a 1986 el camino. Both the Upper and the lower. Paypal ready and shipping to 60608. Thanks in advance! LOVE YOU! haha
  6. Unkown Wire/ECM Problem

    Electrical Systems
    Hello i have a 86 elco working on it to run a 350 l31 vortec 5700 but it does not have power at all. But that is not the case here i noticed my knock sensor pigtail is missing and it was connected to a green/dark green wire coming from the left (drivers side) of my vehicle where the bulkhead...
  7. Fuel Pump

    Electrical Systems
    Hello my el camino seems to not have power going to the fuel pump. It happened before my v6 to v8 swap. It began to stall a bit but fortunately the thing kept going for 10 miles or so. I removed the fuel pump and directly connected it but nothing happened so i replaced it. But unfortunately it...
  8. 305 to 6.2 diesel engine swap in my 79 el camino

    Engine Topics
    Right now i currently have a sbc 305 in my 79 camino. Stock motor and everything is original. My buddy has a 6.2 diesel bolted up to a rebuilt TH400 tranny that i want to buy for my el camino, but i have no idea how easy this would be to swap. Does anybody know anything that would help? What new...
  9. Jeep Grand Cherokee engine swap.. insane but may work

    Other Vehicle Discussions
    Well my 2002 Grand Cherokee Overlands 4.7 H.O. Decided it was going to have a few rod bearings for lunch over the weekend and it got me thinking.. Can I swap a small block Chevy or Ford in it? Has anyone ever done this before that you know of? The 4.7 block is toast with a crack leaking...
  10. engine upgrade swap

    Performance Modifications
    Anywhere ever put a vortec 350 fuel injected engine in your elky? I have a 78 elky wanting to put a 98 vortec 350 fuel injected over in it with the 4L60E tranny. and I have the entire donor vehicle it came out of. what all of the wire harness am I gonna need. what all of the harness am I going...
  11. TH350 swap TH200R4

    Transmission & Drive line
    Okay, I've got a chance to swap out my trusty TH350 and install TH200R4 instead. I got it dirty cheap, so that's the way to go. I have read all sort of forums and searched a lot of things about this swap. I tried our forum too, but there are too many threads... I got '70 El Camino and what have...
  12. 86' El Camino Engine Swap/Build Thread!

    Document your restorations and modifications
    Decided it's time to retire the original 305 that my cruck has been equipped with throughout it's life. It has over 300 thousand miles on it, and has never once left me stranded. The 2004-r I believe is the original to the cruck, but has been rebuilt at one point or was replaced. As of...
  13. 383 sbc w/blower ooooor LS3 twin turbo

    Engine Topics
    Currently I'm getting ready to pull out the 383 that's currently in my 65 el Camino and put it on a cradle for now to strip off what I can then mount it on a stand it completely disassemble it. The reason I'll be doing that is this block was originally a 350(via casting #'s) and the previous...
  14. Spring Swap Meets - We will bring your parts!

    Vendors Forum
    We will be attending some of the New England swap meets coming up in April and we would be happy to bring your order to shows so that you can save on shipping. We will also have tons of show specials on parts (especially sheet metal)! If you would like to place an order to be picked up at a...
  15. 194cid engine swap in a '67

    Engine Topics
    Hi All, I have my original 67 El Camino (bought for $2K in 67) that has a 194cid 6 in it. I am restoring it with my son and we'd like to swap in a 283 V8, as well as replace the 3-speed column shift with a 4 or 5 speed stick. It seems like everyone on this forum is starting with larger engines...
  16. Need Advice for ls1 Swap into 86'

    LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    I will soon become the new owner of a lightly built ls1. We are getting it from some friends who have been building smallblocks for race boats and racecars for years. It's a very good deal, the heads have some port and polish work done to them, better pushrods, valve springs, and comp cams...
  17. 1996 Chevy Vortec Swap.......What do I need?

    Engine Topics
    Greetings my Elco Brothers. So my favorite college professor (calculus) used to say to me "Marvin, let's take a moment to celebrate your ignorance............and now let's dismantle it". So today I'm asking for my ignorance to be dismantled. First I will say search is my friend but friends...
  18. 3.73 rearend swap in my 86'

    Transmission & Drive line
    Picking up a complete drum to drum 3.73 posi rearend for my 86' on thursday, i'm a little confused on the drive gear speedo gear thing. Do I need to change the governor? How do you change the speedo gears and drive gears? My current drivetrain is 305/2004r/2.41 rear. Any clarification on...
  19. turbo 400

    Transmission & Drive line
    I got my 1987 El Camino 2 years ago and it has a turbo hydro-matic 400 in it (Stamped into pan) I need to know 2 things the first being if the 1987 came with that, the second being what it cam out of because the shape of the pan does not match any in my shop manuals (I will post pictures when...
  20. 1980 3.8 3-spd drivetrain swap options??

    Engine Topics
    New member post. I'm looking to see what I can find out about choices for a drivetrain swap for my 1980 El Camino. I have one with a V-6 3-speed stick and I wonder if anyone has put a Camaro V-6 5-speed stick in an El Camino. I'm currently limited to a carport for a work area and minimal...