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sweep dash
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  1. Interior Restoration
    Getting ready to work on the 1970 sweep dash. Help me name the 12 idiot lights. 1 ? 2 Left Turn Indicator green 3 Brake warning red (Emergency brake set & out of balance on distribution block) 4 ? PRNDLL gear selector 5 ? 6 ? 7 ? 8 ? 9 ? 10 Generator red (glows on key on, bright on start) 11...
  2. Interior Restoration
    Has anyone replaced the clock with a tach in their 1970-72 seep dash? If so, which tach did you use?
  3. Interior Restoration
    I found a bunch of ugly stuff by the high beam switch on the really clean carpet that looked like "dog stuff" from deep treads of a boot. After trying to match it to three pairs of shoes, I realized the perforated pattern was that of the dash pad above the speaker. Sure enough.... The NECOA...
1-3 of 4 Results