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  1. '68 Wiper Switch connector missing need diagram

    Electrical Systems
    Hey all! I am re-wiring a 68 Elky that came to me with much of the original wiring removed. I'm using an AAW 22 series harness and its been pretty straightforward so far but I am stuck on the windshield wiper switch. Other threads on this site already helped me through the motor side of the...
  2. Cab Lights

    Electrical Systems
    Hi everyone. I took my 1981 El Camino out for the last time before winter last night and I noticed my Cab Lights wouldn't go out. When I got back from my drive I took apart the headlight dimming switch and the door button just tiring to trouble shoot the problem. Even with both switches...
  3. Headlight / highbeam problems

    Electrical Systems
    I have a 79 el camino conquista and it has the tilt wheel. Its my daily driver and just a few dayas ago i started having a wierd problem. When i go to turn my headlights on in the morning by pulling the knob on the dashall the way out, only the parking lights come on. So i pulled the blinker...
  4. 1970 Brake lights out

    Electrical Systems
    Hi guys - I am having trouble with my brake lights on my 70. My brake lights had been working fine until I tried to use my emergency flashers. They flashed about 5 times them would not work anymore. My tail lights and signals work fine. I checked the fuse, looked good but switched it out for...
  5. 85 shorts ignition switch everytime

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    Hi, i have an 85 el camino ss. when i got the car it was running fine. But now, the ignition switch isnt working it was just clicking.(not the starter, i think its the fuel). i got a new one and the car started up right away. i turned it off and when i tryd again about 30 min later but the same...
  6. right power window will not work

    Electrical Systems
    1984 El Camino. switch on driver's door works both windows. NEW switch on passenger door will not work. Does anyone have a wiring diagram or suggestions? Occasionally, passenger window switch will work up only. HELP - going crazy
  7. 1985 Switch From Dash Clock to Tach

    Electrical Systems
    I've got a 5th Gen 1985 (5.0L 305 V8) with all the stock gauges in it working perfectly... except for the clock. And honestly, I'm ok with that, my goal here is not to fix the clock, but to replace it with a tachometer. I was wondering if somewhere out there was a tach that looked like the...
  8. Headlight switch power

    Electrical Systems
    Okay, I have gone through about 10 pages of posts but on dial-up it takes forver so I just have to ask for help. My father has an 85 Camino he pulled from a field he is rebuilding. Has it running good but he is having a problem with the head light switch. There is an orange and red wire that...
  9. 1965 el camino blower switch

    Electrical Systems
    Does anyone know where the blower switch for a 1965 is supposed to be located or whether it should be incorperated with the other controls for the a/c and heater? thanks guys
  10. '65 blinker switch replacement

    Electrical Systems
    Does anyone know how hard it is to change out the blinker switch on a 1965? havent looked in the book yet either but any tips would be nice, thanks.
  11. convert electric window to crank

    Electrical Systems
    Hi, I'm having a lot of electrical issues with my 'in the works' el camino...which is supposed to be a daily driver for me so I'm kind of in a hurry. When you use the switch on the passenger's side to lower the window, the car stalls...also if you just have the key turned to turn the electrical...
  12. steering column replacement

    Engine Topics
    Hi, I've recently become the owner of a 1986 el camino that needs some tlc. First and foremost is the typical loose as hell tilt column. I have read the article about tightening the 4 bolts in the column but unfortunately for me no one will touch it with a 10 foot poll. I had one guy start to...
  13. Wiring a tach - How do I make it dim?

    Electrical Systems
    Hello, I am new to the forum. I recently installed a tachometer in my 1977 Elco, but I want to wire it into the dimmer switch. I don't know the correct terminology for it, but I want to wire my tach so that the back light comes on and DIMS with the other gauges. The tach has a red...