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  1. Electrical Systems
    Mechanic said tachometer is faulty. He said it is not a filter (resistor) problem and the tach would have to be replaced. The tach indicates twice the reading it should consistently. I know this is a common problem and the filter is often the issue. Before I open up the dash I thought I...
  2. Electrical Systems
    It's in other places not just YouTube. That is when you remove the tach circuit board and cut the 4 and 10 pins on the integrated circuit. I did it because my tach was dead nothing, zero, zip, nada. I jumped the cut pins with a 200K resistor. Now my tach pegs out to zero when I start the car and...
  3. Interior Restoration
    Has anyone replaced the clock with a tach in their 1970-72 seep dash? If so, which tach did you use?
  4. Electrical Systems
    I have 1979 el camino and i just bought and aftermarket bosch tachometer and got it s et up except for the light, No shift light, just the normal gauge light. It says i have to splice it into a wire connected to a light switch or dimmer switch or something... What wire do i splice into to get my...
  5. Engine Topics
    Hello everyone i have an 86 305 5.0 and Im wanting and need to clean it up a hell of a lot and was wondering what I could be taught about the vacuum system that needs new line but i know some replace lines with just filters? I also will need to know what each piece is cause I am smart as a rock...
  6. Electrical Systems
    http://www.speedometerplus.com/ stock looking in dash 8 grand tach.. bottom of the page,, 81-88 129$,, I want one..:wow:
  7. Electrical Systems
    I've got a 5th Gen 1985 (5.0L 305 V8) with all the stock gauges in it working perfectly... except for the clock. And honestly, I'm ok with that, my goal here is not to fix the clock, but to replace it with a tachometer. I was wondering if somewhere out there was a tach that looked like the...
  8. Electrical Systems
    I've got a '79 Elky with the standard wide 'sweep' speedo on the cluster and no tach, though there are gages that I'm presuming were added by a previous owner down near the bottom of the dash for temp and the likes. I've also got a replacement dash pulled from a Malibu that came with the car...
  9. Wanted Items
    I'm looking for gauges for my '86. Right now i have the dummy light gauges and i want to switch to all needles. So i am looking for an oil guage, water temp, battery, tach, and gas. Also if you have a speedometer with a trip odometer on it to i would be interested.
  10. Interior Restoration
    I have a Shifter Plate Console /w tachometer for a Manual '73 Camino... trying to sell it. Where should I list this item, in order to get out of it what it's worth, that is? My e-mail is [email protected] Please send suggestions, or inquiries to this address. Thank you.
1-10 of 10 Results