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  1. '64-'67 tailgate inner panels?

    Wanted Items
    I am just getting started guys and hoped I could round up the few little body parts my '66 is missing. Anybody have the inner panels for the tailgate, including the two inspection panels and the "ribbed" dress panel that matches the bed floor? Mine is missing all 3 and I am just about ready to...
  2. 5th Generation Tailgate pops open while driving

    Body Restoration
    Getting a 5th generation going as a daily driving car. When hitting any bumps, the tailgate drops down. I'm using a cargo strap to keep it close - obviously not the most attractive solution. Also, I'm making sure I "slam" it shut (instead of gently closing it). I've pulled the rear license...
  3. 1965 Tailgate Inner Panel

    Body Restoration
    Where can I find a tailgate inner panel for a 1965? I found one for the 1967 in the El Camino Store. Can that one be modified to work? Thanks, Chad
  4. Royal Knight 3 Shades of red

    Body Restoration
    At some point in time I am wanting to Paint my El Camino white and put the 3 shades of red Royal Knight decals on the hood, sides and tailgate (the whole package). But I can not find pictures of what the red version of the decals look like does anyone have an pictures like the ones sold by...
  5. el camino tailgate hardware

    Body Restoration
    i found a el camino tailgate handle at http://www.elcaminostore.com/product.asp?pf%5Fid=08%2D0150&dept%5Fid=7601 does anyone know if this is the right one for the outside of the tailate?