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  1. Engine Topics
    Hello all! First post here as I recently (yesterday) acquired a 1981 El Camino Conqista with a 305 and a 3 speed auto. Diving head first into tinkering and getting this thing fixed up! First order of business is I want to get all the interior gauges working (especially water temp). So far I...
  2. Engine Topics
    Hey guys, I swapped my sweepstyle for some rallye gauges...thanks for all the help! NOW...my temp gauge doesn't seem to be working correctly. I got a new sender for gauges that I put in the block (not by the thermostat). I start the Camino, and within 1-2 minutes, I'm at 240 degrees. Should I...
  3. Engine Topics
    My "new" '82 El Camino temp gage is inop and the check engine light is on. It also will not pass CA smog, so I'm suspecting the temp sender is bad and confusing the ECU. Can somebody tell me the test procedure for the temp sender? And is it the one at the front of the intake manifold with two...
1-3 of 3 Results