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thanks for any info..

  1. My first El camino

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    Hi!! I have been obsessed with El Camino's since I was a little girl. My uncle used to buy and restore them so he had at the least about 5 or 6 at his property at the least. I used to play in the beds of them and just sit in them for fun. Pretending to be a grown up and driving to work...
  2. Stock 305 out of a 78 z28 in a 81 El Camino

    Performance Modifications
    I have a nice running 81 El Camino with a 305 engine from a 78 z28..The car runs pretty good and passes smog in Cali with no problems..It has a freshly rebuilt ccc Rochester on it ..I disconnected the choke as the choke light would stay on, so first I wondered what could cause this? Also from...