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  1. Occasional timing issue

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    Perts: GMPP 350 w/330HP/380TQ HEI Dist w/ vacuum advance Holley 600 Issues: The engine only has 3000 or so miles on it but sat up for a few years. I took it to a shop to get plugs changed, new headers put on and timing to get set as it is my daily driver now. When the car came back, the motor...
  2. Stumble or bog on WOT

    Engine Topics
    I'm experiencing a bog when I quickly put my foot to the floor. If I ease into WOT it's fine. I'm sure it's not a timing issue anymore because when ny timing was off it would backfire through the carb too but doesn't anymore. The carb is a 650 edelbrock. The only thing I can think if is I need a...
  3. Question regaurding timing adjustments on EST equiped El Caminos

    Performance Modifications
    As some of you may have read before, I am trying to work the bugs out of my 83 El Camino's engine. I have a late '86 Corvette 350 with aluminum cylinder heads with my factory computer feedback carburetor system installed. I am running stock 83 aluminum intake, a High Energy Comp Cam(p/n...
  4. Timing Trouble

    Engine Topics
    I recently added headers, dual exhaust and a new intake manifold to my 84 Caballero and when I removed the distributor I forgot to mark its position. I have tried many times to get the engine at TDC and have positioned the oil pump shaft to be aligned with the 1st cylinder position on the...
  5. 85EC Died: Came Home on Hook

    Engine Topics
    I was doing a friend a favor and just beginning to tow his 1975 Chevy Caprice with my tow bar. Got the tow bar hooked up and turned the rig around, went up a little hill and waited at the parking lot exit to begin our trip when the motor died. Tried to restart, engine fired a little but would...