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  1. High speed vibration running 235/45R17 tires

    Wheels & Tires
    I've had quite a bit of work done on my 1984 El Camino, a full drive train replacement with LS3, etc. I'm having vibration that begins while driving around 75 MPH and gets fairly substantial at 90, enough that I know better than to go further. The shop has chased the problem and believes it...
  2. front tire size on lowered el camino help

    Wheels & Tires
    My 1979 elco is lowered 3" in front and 2" in back. Front tires rub really bad now after drop spindles. They are 225/60r15 on a 7" wide wheel with 4" backspace. I just bought 205/60r15 to replace the 225s. Will this help? What size tires are you guys running in front on your lowered elkys??
  3. Rims, Tires, and backspacing on a 70?

    Wheels & Tires
    Greetings all, I would like some opinions on how wide I can go on my El Camino. It will be lowered 2" all the way around. I will be running 18" rims. Backs: What is the max width and backspacing do I need to look for? Fronts: Same. I want to run a stock height(or close) tire with max width...
  4. Tire Sizing on a 5th Gen Help

    Wheels & Tires
    Im going to be putting new wheels and tires on my 79 ec... I have 15x7 torqthrust for the front and 15x8 rims in the back. I want to put 225/60r15 on the front and 255/60r15 on te back. Will these fit fine with out rubbing??
  5. Brake rotor issues

    Performance Modifications
    I drive a 67 el camino with a disc brake conversion. Supposedly stock style spindle dropped 2 inches. This pushes out the tires about an inch further than stock. I bought the car like this and the previous owner couldn't give me any info as he also bought it like this and had no way to contact...
  6. Searching for Center Caps!

    Wheels & Tires
    Lost one of my center caps for my rims. I noticed these were "Special Edition" Cadillac center caps. Found a site with the aftermarket Chevy specifically for the El Camino (kind of costly), just wanted to know if anyone had a set laying around willing to sell. Thanks in advance! These...
  7. 68 wheel sizing

    General BS Topics
    I ordered some 15x8 Cragar Quick Tricks for my 68, and I'm told a few different things about them- like the offset should be 0-20 and the Cragar 15x8's aren't in that range? Anyways, Discount tire says they will fit & has ordered them for me..they say they are being custom made (takes 2...
  8. 16" wheels

    Parts for sale
    Hey guys, i need to get rid of my 16" rims. The inner lip is rubbing on my upper control arms after the front suspension was rebuilt by the previous owner. they have P225/75R15's all around but they will need to be replaced, though they are drivable. I will send pics on request. I would like to...
  9. Tire Pressure Question

    General BS Topics
    I recently put a set of 14" Monte Carlo wheels with the stock size tires on my Caballero. When I had th 15" Monto SS Wheels, I always ran about 32 lbs all around. I notice the sticker calls for 30lbs front and 35lbs rear. I noticed this after I made it the opposite, and it was hot out, so I...
  10. Tire Alignment Specs 73

    Wheels & Tires
    Im going to UTI right now and im able to align my tires at school for free. Does anyone have the Specs for 73 elco.? the outsides of my tires are wearing out quick. i stopped driving until i can get everything straightened out.