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torque converter

  1. Torque Converter Efficiency

    Transmission & Drive line
    Since I am just getting back into cars and the prior high perf were all 4 speed, someone gave me a new phrase to become familiar with. This is not a drag car, instead I want reliability, performance with street manors. It has a 7004R with station wagon gears (probably 2.##) and 26 inch...
  2. Filling a torque converter before the transmission?

    Transmission & Drive line
    This weekend i'm planning on finally getting my 355/2004R combo into my camino. I've been told and per the instructions of my TCI torque convert that it needs to be filled with fluid before installation. I'm wondering do I need to worry about it draining back into the transmission and defeating...
  3. getting more out of my old elky

    Performance Modifications
    I am doing some things that seem to be helping. Removed all the smog stuff (air pump, tubes, etc). Put on dual exhaust with magnaflows and just last week a new Edelbrock carb with a new standard distributor. No more ecm connections. Having a little trouble with high idle sticking for a while...
  4. 84 with new Edelbrock Performer and Non cc Distributor

    Transmission & Drive line
    Just did an change to a new Edelbrock carb and a standard distributor. I noticed while reading on some conversions here that I am probably now missing my TC lockup. Have not driven it much and didn't notice it yet but I'll check it tomorrow. Presuming it is not working, how have others handled...