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  1. Transmission & Drive
    I blew the transmission in my 72 el camino a couple months ago. It's the original th350. Today a buddy of mine gave me a used th350 or of his 74 el camino. I want to rebuild the new one and put in a shift kit before I put it in my 72. How much should this run me in southern California. San Diego...
  2. Transmission & Drive line
    Does anyone know the number of factory four speeds in 80? I have one and never heard of four speed caminos til then, thanks!
  3. Transmission & Drive line
    I'm new here and have an '85 with the floor mount auto trans. Today, while pulling the seats and rug to replace I found a wire spring and u shaped metal clip under the shifter. I figure something is messed up and I can't seem to figure out where they go, interior is still apart but hope to...
  4. Engine Topics
    New member post. I'm looking to see what I can find out about choices for a drivetrain swap for my 1980 El Camino. I have one with a V-6 3-speed stick and I wonder if anyone has put a Camaro V-6 5-speed stick in an El Camino. I'm currently limited to a carport for a work area and minimal...
1-4 of 4 Results