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  1. Transmission Swap with 350SB?

    Transmission & Drive line
    Hey guys, I have a question regarding a transmission swap. I have a 1985 ElCo Conquista. It had a rebuilt 350sb transplanted after the factory 305 died. The transmission is a 200R4, and it's started to rattle and lag, unless I really slam down the gas pedal. I was considering just getting a...
  2. Free Shipping on Transmission this Month

    Vendors Forum
    We are now set up as an official dealer of Performance Automatic transmissions and to kick that off we are doing FREE SHIPPING on any transmission or transmission kit until the end of the month! We have everything from TH350's to modern electronic overdrives. All Performance Automatic...
  3. Trying to find the perfect combination

    Transmission & Drive line
    So I've had my 85 Choo-Choo SS for three years now. Stock everything. Been a daily driver and. Real pleasure for me. I'm just now beginning to fix it up as I recently bought another vehicle for work. Now I can spend all my hard earned dough on the thing that matter most. Performance. So for now...
  4. Saginaw to Muncie swap need info

    Transmission & Drive line
    I have a 81 SS El Camino 305 with a factory Saginaw 4 speed. The shifter and linkage causes it to get stuck in 3rd and 4th gear but is actually in reverse. I have had a terrible time locating a new shifter and linkage(as i know these are the issue) due to the year and the one Hurst i have found...
  5. NV3500/TH350 swap

    Transmission & Drive line
    I was wondering what the spline count of a 305 5.0L SBC V8 along with the spline count of a TH350 and NV3500 5-speed manual? I am planning on doing a tranny swap and am trying to figure out some base calculations for cost and what all I will need. If you have done a NV3500/V8 swap please help me...
  6. 84 Transmission Question

    Transmission & Drive line
    Aside from the modification of the transmission tunnel, and firewall for the clutch, would it be mechanically possible to swap the stock TH350 with a NV3500 out of an S10?