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  1. Parts for sale
    For Sale - 1980 Body side chrome trim (no bed surround). Unsure of value, mostly wish for it to be used on a project and not dispose of it. Good condition. Factory 14" Rally Wheels with center caps and beauty rings. Very good condition. Unsure of value but thinking $300 / set? Located in West...
  2. Body Restoration
    Need help desperately…. Bought my son a ‘81 Caballero. Looking to restore some of it. Nowhere I look has the right molding. 3 thin strips on each side…with “rubber”? Inserts.
  3. Body Restoration
    I just bought an 1986 El Camino but its missing this trim on both doors. I would like a whole set just so the pieces are equal wear but if not possible for cheap enough then i'll just get the door trim pieces. It's the chrome with the black stripe down the middle.
  4. Wanted Items
    I need the rear window center clip that connects the 2 trim pieces below the inside rear window on a 1965 el camino or a complete set of inside plastic trim, mine is red.
  5. Body Restoration
    I am hoping some of the CCC enthusiasts can help me out here. I am just trying to figure out what was original on the side molding. I realize that we cannot buy this stuff anymore and that people have been just removing it from their cars, but I would like to know what is "original". I...
  6. Interior Restoration
    can anyone tell me how to remove the piece of trim that runs along the edge of the headliner near the front wind shield?
  7. Body Restoration
    I talked to some nice people at a company called Concourse Trim LLC. They had some examples of pot metal stuff they restored 1/2 of the part, and OMG its hard to believe it looked so good from what I would have considered Junk. They can straighten and polish stainless to show quality if its not...
  8. Wanted Items
    Hey all, I'm in need of only one piece of molding trim for a 76 elkie, it's the last thing I need. I have the rear speaker covers and the front pillar covers, and the cover that goes between the headliner and the windshield, but what I don't have is the drivers side cover that connects the three...
  9. Body Restoration
    So I am in the beginning stages of a restoration of a 1981 El Camino. I am trying to come up with what it is that I have. On the dash it has a malibu emblem. I have no history on the car so can not say if the dash was replaced or if it came that way. Anyway after looking at pics on the internet...
  10. Interior Restoration
    I'm wanting to change my car interior from Oxblood to black. I'll be buying a new dash and such. Just want to dye or paint the trim and kick panels black. What would be the best way to achieve this? Looking for something that wont fade easily or rub off. -Kevin
  11. Body Restoration
    Finally got most of my trim removed to start prepping for paint. It won't let me upload pictures so I'll put them in my photobucket. I'll try to upload them again later.
  12. Body Restoration
    I am working a 68 and I have most of the trim from the bed and both front and rear bumpers. The trim is pitted and both bumpers have some dings and pitting. My question is whether it is better to just buy replacement pieces or to have the originals restored? Not sure how much more expensive...
  13. Body Restoration
    both of these body moulding clips dont fit (5th gen), the first i bought from ebay and second pic is what we found at o'reilly's this is an example of on of the original clip that cracked does anybody know where i can find the real clip pieces for the 5th gens
  14. Body Restoration
    I need to put the side trim along both sides and the tailgate of my 1982 Elky. However these clips are very expensive (3$ a piece) and I don't have enough in my budget to buy all of them. Is it necessary to actually put a clip on each nub or could I get by with just putting a few clips on each...
  15. Interior Restoration
    I have had the interior of my 85 EC gutted for more than a year. I am getting ready to send the EC to the painter. However, I would like to inspect, organize, refurbish and inventory all of the pieces for the interior. Does anyone have a list of all the interior components/trim pieces? Such...
  16. Tips & Tricks
    I just joined and wanted to ask question for anyone that has a 1980 or close. I am trying to restore my car for my son and we removed the headliner. I purchased the new material, glue, etc...but see that most of the forums talk about there being a cardboard backer. We did not have that under our...
  17. Body Restoration
    What is the trim around the rear window made out of? Also can it be chromed I was trying to get a quote and the man on the phone said he thinks it's some kind of aluminum or stainless steel and may just look like chrome. It has been painted over on my el camino and we chipped some of the paint...
  18. Body Restoration
    hey guys i know its probably a bit of a long shot but has anyone got an idea where to get wheel well trim for a 74 or have an idea of which other vehicles might fit or can be modified to adapt to the car?
1-18 of 20 Results