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  1. 3.8 turbo el co (like the grand National)

    Document your restorations and modifications
    @T6Elky (I think this dude has) Has anyone on here put a turbo on there's like a grand National also I can't find a gn intake without it costing $800 I found a use one locally for $350 but I don't have a job yet so as of right now I'm $150 short
  2. Turbo!

    Engine Topics
    Well I finally managed to get my engine out thanks to the aid of Matty Man's lift. Got it torn down and found it's not the original block to the car and while sitting around thinking about where to go from there the idea struck me. Turbo! The engine before already made a fairly healthy amount of...
  3. turbo 400

    Transmission & Drive line
    I got my 1987 El Camino 2 years ago and it has a turbo hydro-matic 400 in it (Stamped into pan) I need to know 2 things the first being if the 1987 came with that, the second being what it cam out of because the shape of the pan does not match any in my shop manuals (I will post pictures when...