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  1. Turn Signal Nightmare 87 el camino

    Electrical Systems
    Hi All Having some turn signal issues. Checked some past posts and it's given me some direction, but in my attempt to fix the problem I have a new problem..ha. Initially the problem was that the rear right turn signal would not flash at all, otherwise everything else functioned. Without any...
  2. Turn signal issue

    Electrical Systems
    I have an 85 choo choo. Recently I noticed my driver's side rear turn signal was about 75% less bright than the passenger side. The front turn signal light is fine. Also when I have my headlights on the left turn signal stays solid and won't flash but the right turn signal is fine...
  3. 86 Turn Signals

    Electrical Systems
    This is just to save someone else some valuable time. Problem: Turn Signals don’t work. I bought an 86 el camino a few months ago. I have had an ongoing problem with the turn signals. They don’t work at all. Tried the Hazard lights and they worked so it was not the bulbs. I finally...
  4. turn signal problems

    Electrical Systems
    i have a 1981 and my blinkers do not work. i have changed the switch and the flasher fuses and they still dont work, my hazards however do work. what is my problem?
  5. '78 Turn Signal Issue

    Electrical Systems
    New forum member who just bought a '78 El Camino for my son. I'm trying to figure out a problem so we can get it inspected and road-worthy. The issue is that whenever we put on a left turn signal, both rear lights flash. However, when we put on the right turn signal, everything works as...
  6. 79 Headlight/Turn Signal/Emergency Flasher Disaster

    Electrical Systems
    Hello all! I'm new here, but I did a thorough search before posting my seemingly unique problem. I recently purchased a 1979 El Camino Conquista. When purchased, headlights worked fine. Now, however, an interesting problem has developed. When headlight switch is turned on, headlights either...