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turn signals

  1. 5th gen turn signal nightmares

    Electrical Systems
    I'm having some problems with my rear turn signals and brake lights. Here's the story, I have changed the turn signal flasher, the hazard flasher and the hazard stop light fuse. Basically the front turn signals work/flash properly no problems there. Also the tail lights come on fine as well. But...
  2. Turn Signals

    Electrical Systems
    So I have an 81. I got the turn signals on the left to work. :nanawrench:finally! :-) The right side do not work. I am not getting any power to the green or dark blue wires coming from the signal selector on the column. Also not hearing the flasher click like it should either. The odd thing is...
  3. Turn signals won't work. What Do I do?

    Electrical Systems
    Recently my son was messing around in my 1983 El Camino and decided to get a little curious and press buttons. When I went to drive it something was a little weird. When I pressed the brake both the turn signals on the dash lit up. But when I went to turn the left signal on it didn't work and...