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  1. Best performance and MPG transmission for a 350

    Transmission & Drive line
    I have a 350 with a TH350 backing it in my 84 Elco. Issue is my Daily died so I am dailying the Elco like I used to. But my Hwy MPG is terrible due to no OD. I was looking at an OD unit but I might as well sell my TH350 (With a shift kit) and buy a new trans instead of dropping 2.6K on a unit...
  2. Turbo!

    Engine Topics
    Well I finally managed to get my engine out thanks to the aid of Matty Man's lift. Got it torn down and found it's not the original block to the car and while sitting around thinking about where to go from there the idea struck me. Turbo! The engine before already made a fairly healthy amount of...
  3. i have i 305 and i want to upgrade

    Engine Topics
    so i have a 1974 el camino with a swapped 1983 305 small block engine. my budget is about 6000 dollars what could i do with it to get more power out of it? the tranny is going to need to be replaced also as it is pretty burnt out. any advice would be helpful, i was thinking of getting it bored...
  4. Been Awhile but MidWest Winter is a Mugg!

    General BS Topics
    So here is a link that shows a little progress on the ElCo V6 V8 swap so far. http://www.chitownracing.com/forums/showthread.php?196690-85-El-Camino-winter-project O_O
  5. Where to start with a stock elky

    Performance Modifications
    I've had my 84' Camino for a little while now but have never progressed past exterior upgrades (like a paint job). Since making a cross country trip I'm without any of the mechanics I trusted before and am now at the point where I want to give my elky a healthy upgrade, mostly in overall...
  6. Otterfox -1982 GMC Caballero Amarillo

    Document your restorations and modifications
    My 1982 GMC Caballero Amarillo * 267 v8 engine, stock except for a holly carb and eddlebrock intake. * Stock drivetrain, the turbo350 trans may not be from the truck originally... things have been in and out several times. The rear is original and I have no idea what gearing it is. * Suspension...
  7. Upgrade - Electronic Ignition?

    Performance Modifications
    I just bought a stock 66 (396 4spd)and have been thinking about switching to electronic ignition. It would hide in the existing distributor. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with this ? There are no problems with the car, starts right up every time and runs smooth (purrs like a lion)-...