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  1. Engine Topics
    My 73 new carb/distributor and wires.runs rough/surges at stops even shuts off. It was doing this b4 the new components. Cant seen to find a vaccum leak ..
  2. Engine Topics
    Hey guys. I have been working on dropping in a 350 crate engine in place of the tired 305. I opted to remove all of the computer controlled components (have the wires were missing or already unplugged) and the emissions (half of the emissions components were missing). I have the new 350 in and...
  3. Transmission & Drive line
    Hey guys, I just swapped the manifold on my 76 el camino. There was a hard line coming from the trans up to the manifold that came loose. I'm not too sure where on the tranny this needs to be hooked up. A bit of googling suggests a vacuum modulator hookup on the passenger side, but since it's 40...
  4. Engine Topics
    Hello everyone i have an 86 305 5.0 and Im wanting and need to clean it up a hell of a lot and was wondering what I could be taught about the vacuum system that needs new line but i know some replace lines with just filters? I also will need to know what each piece is cause I am smart as a rock...
  5. Engine Topics
    I'm having trouble with finding exhaust systems and was wondering if anyone has any ideas?? I'm running open headers right now but don't have the back pressure to pull fuel down into the engine (lack of vacuum). I know I don't have a vacuum leak or a problem with my carb as it has been rebuilt...
  6. Engine Topics
    So on my 87 305 my secondaries seized for my computer controlled carb. Not a problem sent it out to get rebuilt turns out i need to get a new throttle plate from a junk yard for this rebuild. In the mean time i had a edelbrock 1405 manual carb that i skeptically threw in pretty much because...
  7. Engine Topics
    Its an 87 El Camino, Chevy 305, Rochester Quadrajet Carb. I don't know the correct way to connect all of the hoses from the carb. any help would be appreciated, a diagram or picture would be best.
  8. Transmission & Drive line
    I recently upgraded my carb, intake manifold, and my exhaust system on my '84 Caballero and now have a problem. The vaccuum line that plugs into the top of the intake manifold between the carb and distributor is no longer attached. While replacing the intake, the fitting broke and I was...
  9. Engine Topics
    I have a 1985 EC with a 4bbl V8 305. Does anyone have a vacuum diagram for this EC. If so please e-mail it to me at [email protected] PS My EC is a California EC originally. If you have a CA diagram so much the better. PPS The decal under the hood is unreadable.
  10. Engine Topics
    I need help I have A 75' El Camino 350 2bbl that was converted to a 4bbl I will post pictures and give a description of what is wrong if I even know.
1-10 of 10 Results