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  1. 68-72 drivers vent window frame

    Wanted Items
    I need to replace the frame of my driver's side vent window - the hinge part is broken. I could buy the whole vent assembly, but I prefer only the frame, window, and hinge. My window is tinted and can be reused if needed. If someone knows of a reproduction please tell me, I can't find...
  2. 74 elcamino vent

    Wanted Items
    I happened to leave the AC vent for my el camino on the trunk of my car when heading back from paint. As we all know plastic doesn't stay on a surface while going down the motorway at 80mph:dontknow:. if anybody has a spare I would greatly appreciate it. if your local in Oklahoma I could even...
  3. Hissing Noise

    Site Topics
    I just recently bought a 1982 Elky in great condition. It's a gunmetal grey, completely original V6 289. I love this thing. I prefer driving my Elky than driving my Charger. Unfortunately, today my windshield was foggy and when I went to switch from OFF to DEFROST on the control panel, it...
  4. A/C blows through defrost vents

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    I have a 80 El Camino Conquista and the A/C has started showing some strange behavior in the past few weeks. 1) The air conditioner/heater will only blow through the vent on the top of the dash meant for the defrost. It will not switch back down to blow on you. 2) The A/C shuts off when I...
  5. Gas Gauge & Tank...HELP?

    For New Forum Members Only
    Hello All, im new to the site. I've had my Elco for almost 2 years now. After spending a year driving around guesstimating how much gas is in my tank i'm OVER it. My gas gauge doesn't work and my tank will not allow me to fill up more than 7-10 gallons. about 5 months ago i had to get my...
  6. Ac blower not working

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Hey guys, I started my car yesterday and the blower wouldn't turn on, I changed the fuse, still no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks!