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  1. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Just put a new engine in my 84 El Camino and it is running awesome. I'm getting what the machine shop says is 325 hp out of my rebuild and it's a beautiful thing. I do have a problem I'm working on though and hope someone has some ideas. When I turn on the defrosters or heat I get steam...
  2. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    I am new here and I have a 1984 El Camino, and since I got her I have been battling with the AC and heater. I have finally got them to blow through the vents, before it would only go through the defroster and floor. Turns out all needed needed to do was to plug the line into the EGR valve but...
  3. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    I drove my elco around the block and my head just about exploded from such an intense headache. My exhaust is leaking into the cab and I can't figure out how. No matter what when I start it the heat is on low, is it possible exhaust is getting in through the heater? Also, I notice these two vent...
1-3 of 3 Results