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  1. Regional Discussion
    Hey all! My name is John O'Callaghan, and I am brand new to this discussion board. I know little to nothing about El Caminos, except for the fact that my father, Kevin O'Callaghan, built one in the 70's. I was home for the holidays and we went through his old photo albums and i could see how...
  2. VIN Decoding
    Hello all, figured this was as good of a place as any to start my search. Please feel free to direct this thread elsewhere as needed. My grandpa had two different El Caminos at different times, a '68 and a '70. I only know the VIN # for the '70, 1D80V6D441H81. I did the basic VIN decoder online...
  3. VIN Decoding
    Hey All, I'm very new to digging on numbers to see if they match etc. so I am hoping I can get some help here. I am trying to figure out if the engine I have (454) came out of the car it came in. The numbers I have are: VIN on title: 1D80Y3K514381, cast numbers on motor: GM 10T and 12978. I...
  4. VIN Decoding
    I purchased an 82 parts truck a while ago and I was going to use it to repair my 83 Super Sport. The donor truck did not have a title or a V.I.N. plate on the firewall when I got it, just the trim tag. My plans have changed and I need to find the hidden V.I.N. locations so I can get a title...
  5. VIN Decoding
    The Vin Number Plate is missing from my 1979 El Camino. Does anyone know if there is a Frame Tag somewhere that will have the Vin Number on it?
1-5 of 6 Results