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  1. Looking for my Grandpa's Old Car

    VIN Decoding
    Hello all, figured this was as good of a place as any to start my search. Please feel free to direct this thread elsewhere as needed. My grandpa had two different El Caminos at different times, a '68 and a '70. I only know the VIN # for the '70, 1D80V6D441H81. I did the basic VIN decoder online...
  2. 73 el camino vin and engine code

    VIN Decoding
    Hey All, I'm very new to digging on numbers to see if they match etc. so I am hoping I can get some help here. I am trying to figure out if the engine I have (454) came out of the car it came in. The numbers I have are: VIN on title: 1D80Y3K514381, cast numbers on motor: GM 10T and 12978. I...
  3. Help finding and decoding hidden V.I.N. locations

    VIN Decoding
    I purchased an 82 parts truck a while ago and I was going to use it to repair my 83 Super Sport. The donor truck did not have a title or a V.I.N. plate on the firewall when I got it, just the trim tag. My plans have changed and I need to find the hidden V.I.N. locations so I can get a title...
  4. Where is the Frame Tag 1970 El Camino?

    VIN Decoding
    The Vin Number Plate is missing from my 1979 El Camino. Does anyone know if there is a Frame Tag somewhere that will have the Vin Number on it?