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  1. VIN Decoding
    I purchased a 1982 El Camino parts truck a few years ago without a title so I could use it to fix my 1983. I later realized the VIN plate was removed and I have not touched it since because I want to make sure there's no problems with the truck. I have located the VIN stamping on the frame and...
  2. Engine Topics
    I have a 78 everywhere i read says they did not come with a 350 but my vin is a L is that not a 350 for that year?
  3. VIN Decoding
    Hi.. great site by the way... I am needing some assistance in decoding my VIN and Trim Tag. It does seem that someone worked their own magic on my Elky sometime back and I am having trouble decoding the information. VIN is: 1W8OU8K612095 TRIM TAG is: 78 1AW80 K247663...
  4. General BS Topics
    Hello, I just joined the site and thought that I am posting this question in the wrong forum but for some reason I am not allowed to post in the history section? Does anybody know why? Either way here is my question. I have a 1981 Factory 4-Speed El Camino SS and have been told that it is...
  5. VIN Decoding
    I am looking for some help decoding my vin and cowl tag on my 69 . The VIN is 136809B351007 The cowl tag has a paint code of 57 which I believe is dark green met. The trim number is 755 and I have not been able to track that number down. There are 2 additional sets of numbers on the...
  6. Wanted Items
    I purchased an elco drag car and now want to put it on the street. I am looking for a VIN tag and clean title. Maybe someone has a parts car laying around with a title to it? Or rust bucket? prefer 84-87. 87 would be perfect! Thanks alot Adam
1-6 of 9 Results