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  1. 4th gen Smugglers Box Sealing

    Body Restoration
    Got a 1977 El Camino recently as some of you might have seen. Yesterday we had a big rain and I noticed the rear floor pans were wet. I have yet to unbolt the outside panel in the bed to get to the smugglers box, but I would bet that's where it is coming from. Does anyone have any ideas on...
  2. 5th gen leaking.

    Body Restoration
    My 1985 El Camino is leaking when it rains or if I take it to the car wash. I have found where it is leaking on the inside but wondering if anyone knows where its coming from on the outside. I'm afraid to just fix the problem on the inside because I feel if I keep the water from leaking it will...
  3. Interior Water Leak - 1983 Diesel Super Sport

    Body Restoration
    Hello, I have been having a water leak in my 1983 Diesel Super Sport on the passenger's side. It comes from the right side of the glove box and left side of the glove box/underneath the center console. When I reverse down my driveway and stop water will just pour out of those two spots.The...