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weather stripping

  1. Roof Rail Weatherstrip Channels

    Body Restoration
    Have a 79 that i am trying to put together for a customer and cannot find the roof rail weatherstrip channels anywhere. If anyone has a set that they can sell me it would be fantastic. Also, if you know of a place to get them. Thank you for your help! ?
  2. Door and roof seals too tight?

    Body Restoration
    So I replaced my roof rail and door seals. They fit wonderfully in the roof rail channels as well as on the door. The first problem I have is that the door no longer wants to close easy. I have to really slam it shut. I believe it is where the two ends meet that I took pictures of. The second...
  3. Window Moldings

    Interior Restoration
    Ok, so I am a bit of a noob, but here goes. I am sure someone knows the answer. Between the window frame on my 77 Camino, there is a metal piece that is held in with a few screws, the window weather stripping goes in that metal track, however when I remove the track to clean out the ancient...