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  1. Weld nuts to floorboard for seats?

    Interior Restoration
    So when I got my El Camino it did not have seats. I got some random bucket seats on craigslist and bolted them in so I could drive the car around. I'm not entirely pleased by where the seats are(both are too far from doors. middle of seat not aligned with steering wheel), but cannot just drill...
  2. MIG or Stick Welder

    Body Restoration
    I am about to get into some body work. A floor pan and some patches in the cab. Also was thinking about cutting off the drip rails and need to weld the seams as I go so the top stays a part of the car :-). So the question is MIG or Stick? I am looking at buying a very basic unit since I have no...
  3. Been a while--Radiator help

    Region 13 (TX)
    Haven't been on the site in quite some time! But SteelBeast has kept me updated on a lot of great things that have been going on with ECC. An awesome club to be a part of. I have an aluminum Jegs radiator and I was advised to have it welded to stop the leak (which has progressively gotten...
  4. Can I Weld Over Pinhole Rust to Repair

    Body Restoration
    I just gutted the interior of 1985 EC and cleaned up the floorboards. Everything looks almost like brand new except the "foot well" (it would be a foot well if my EC was instead a malibu wagon) behind the passenger seat where water accumulated over several years from a hold in the bed. In this...
  5. Wanted: Portion of 5th generation bed floor

    Body Restoration
    I am repairing my bed floor and have found four or five rust spots in the bed of my fifth generation EC. As a result I am looking to purchase a piece of good bed say 1' x 1' to as big as 2' x2'. My intention is to create patch panels from the good bed and then weld then into the existing bed...