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  1. 68-72 drivers vent window frame

    Wanted Items
    I need to replace the frame of my driver's side vent window - the hinge part is broken. I could buy the whole vent assembly, but I prefer only the frame, window, and hinge. My window is tinted and can be reused if needed. If someone knows of a reproduction please tell me, I can't find...
  2. Sunroof

    Body Restoration
    Anyone else have a sunroof in their car? I have the original build sheet and it says nothing about a sunroof and I'm fairly certain it's not a factory option. Is it a dealer option maybe? It looks good and the quality is great, doesn't leak or anything and it's a kind of one way mirror glass...
  3. right power window will not work

    Electrical Systems
    1984 El Camino. switch on driver's door works both windows. NEW switch on passenger door will not work. Does anyone have a wiring diagram or suggestions? Occasionally, passenger window switch will work up only. HELP - going crazy
  4. Getting switches out of the bezels.

    Electrical Systems
    I got some lock and windows switches for a 5th gen and they need cleaned how do i get them out of the surrounding chrome bezel. Got them out of the car but can't get them out of the bezel.
  5. How do you guys feel about window tinting (5 gen)

    Body Restoration
    Do you think window tinting ruins the look or enhances it? I've been contemplating getting my tint on.
  6. 5th gen rear window trim

    Body Restoration
    What is the trim around the rear window made out of? Also can it be chromed I was trying to get a quote and the man on the phone said he thinks it's some kind of aluminum or stainless steel and may just look like chrome. It has been painted over on my el camino and we chipped some of the paint...
  7. Window Crank removal

    Interior Restoration
    There is some sort of clip or something holding this bugger on. I've tried to get at it with a screwdriver and even extra small needle nose pliers, but no dice. My Chilton's manual says i need some special tool but I have not been able to find it in stores or online. Surely someone around here...
  8. door help!!!

    Body Restoration
    My window is shaky and im not sure where to get parts. the scissor part that collapses and expands is very rusty and i dont know where to get a new one. every parts car ive looked at it is rusted also. and my tracks, the plastic is broke off. can anyone help!!!
  9. Rear Window Leak Repair

    Body Restoration
    During a recent rain, I noticed that I now have a leak coming from my rear window. There are no visible rust holes in the metal around the window. From reading on here, I see that this is not a new issue for Elkys. Anyway, I stopped at a body shop and they gave me an estimate of ~$250 for...
  10. Power Rear Window

    Body Restoration
    I've looked around the forums and seen this posted before, I got a link to a none power one. I was just wondering since those posts were a few years old, has anyone seen a power rear window kit? Or How hard would i be to make one power? I know anything is possible if you have deep pockets, but...
  11. convert electric window to crank

    Electrical Systems
    Hi, I'm having a lot of electrical issues with my 'in the works' el camino...which is supposed to be a daily driver for me so I'm kind of in a hurry. When you use the switch on the passenger's side to lower the window, the car stalls...also if you just have the key turned to turn the electrical...