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  1. Electrical Systems
    As we all know it's impossible to find the delay control board. I have a new motor for my wipers but just plugging in the harness does nothing. Not sure if it's on the switch or the motor but I'm assuming it's the motor since it's missing that control board. Can I make my own harness to just...
  2. Electrical Systems
    Hi everyone, I am 17 and just bought a 1987 El Camino. I need to get the wipers working for an inspection sticker and I could use some help. I already replaced my signal lever and wiper switch in the steering column. That was my first guess of the issue. (The previous signal lever was cracked...
  3. Electrical Systems
    Very new to the G-Body game, trying to get my 1980 elk in line completely for state inspections. Im running into an issue with my wiper motor is only engaging when i force pressure onto the motor arm. What could be causing the motor to stick, and how can i resolve this issue?
  4. Electrical Systems
    My 1984 el camino has a wiper problem. I Replaced the wiper switch on directional(cruise disabled) no response from wiper controls, wipers work only on mist if you let go,the wipers stop and you need to try to get the them to park position (press and release till they park. any ideas
  5. Body Restoration
    I have a 1972 El Camino. The driver's side wiper arm is loose and flops around ineffectively when the wipers are turned on. I removed the arm and it's pretty clear why: there's no spring, and the clip that holds the arm onto the knurled knob is also missing. I have a couple questions about how...
  6. Body Restoration
    I have a 1987 El Camino. So I decided to adjust the wiper arm by pulling the arm off the base and adjusting the arm so it would fully lie inside the hood. I discovered that the bases accept the arms only one way ( I sure miss the old vehicles! ). My question is " How " does the arms adjust...
  7. Body Restoration
    I have an 87 Camino with stock wipers and arms of it. Going down the highway at anything above 65 they lift clear off my front window. Any ideas if anybody makes aerodynamic wiper-arms.:dontknow: I have heard of Triton making aero arms back in the 90's that used 18" blades but any other ideas?
  8. Region 14 (AR,LA,MS)
    Does anyone know if all I need to convert to 2-speed wipers is, 2-speed motor, 2-speed switch and wiper wiring harness for 2-speed? Is this all I need or is there more? I'd hate to purchase and install and still not have 2-speed. All help and any suggestions are appreciated.
  9. Electrical Systems
    Does anyone have a picture of the correct wiring of the windshield wipers and squirters on a 65 El Camino? Tips are also welcome. Thank You
1-9 of 9 Results