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wiring problems

  1. 1967 El Camino won’t start

    Engine Topics
    So I have a 1967 El Camino that refuses to start. When I bought it, it was in non running condition but I got it to drive with some new gas and fluids, and a new battery. I had never driven it more than just around town, but one day I went on the freeway and it started to overheat. I had to have...
  2. Knock Sensor

    Engine Topics
    Couple + questions regarding "Knock Sensor". Does it occupy the coolant drain plug next to the starter? I have been reading and studying the issue of 305 vs 350 vs etc... and have not gotten an answer as to sensor for cu in application yes or no. Called JEGS the tech said "Uh what sensor"? I...
  3. Can someone help me with me electrical problems

    Electrical Systems
    Okay to start things off I suck at wiring. Me and my dad bought a 67 el camino a little while ago for 800 bucks to flip and get some money off of. It was a steal by the way because it is an original 327 4 speed posi car. Well it looks like it will be the car i use to get me to college and back...