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  1. Positive battery junction block - what is it?

    Electrical Systems
    I’m in the process of requiring my 1967 el Camino with a painless wiring harness. I discovered a little box behind the battery mounted to the core support, that looks like it connects to a pigtail coming from the positive battery cable. After some research I discovered it was a battery junction...
  2. Fuel Gauge run wire back to sending unit

    Electrical Systems
    Hey y'all... need to trace down my Fuel Gauge run wire back to sending unit. Is it on passenger or drivers side flooring? have a new tank, new sending unit and tested the ohms on new unit 0-90 ohms, wired up and tested fuel gauge at the back w/ new sending unit and gauge worked fine...
  3. Gen 5 IP: Can I easily replace the large clock with the "tach/clock"

    Electrical Systems
    My new (to me) '85 Caballero has the large clock in the IP. I can pick up a tach w/clock from a wrecked MonteCarlo. Can I swap this in without doing much extra wiring? Is a tach connection already contained in my IP wiring loom? Thanks in advance, Mike
  4. Major trouble with 83 5.3 swap wiring.

    LT1/LS1/EFI Tech
    Hello, long time lurker and once proud ElCo owner. For three years now, I've been working on my El Camino. It started as a beat up junker with an old V6. I was 15 at the time and barely knew anything about engines. My uncle and several other family friends helped me learn the basics, and in a...
  5. power windows

    Electrical Systems
    1984 El Camino - driver's side switch moves passenger widow up and down; passenger side switch only moves window up but not down. I try it later after using driver's side switch and the passenger window goes down but not up. Where do I start looking! Can't complete the car until it works.
  6. wiring tachometer light, need help

    Electrical Systems
    I have 1979 el camino and i just bought and aftermarket bosch tachometer and got it s et up except for the light, No shift light, just the normal gauge light. It says i have to splice it into a wire connected to a light switch or dimmer switch or something... What wire do i splice into to get my...
  7. Crow is tough to swallow even aged.

    General BS Topics
    This customer read me the riot act over a bill on his '06 Dodge diesel and swore to never come back to me in writing. Well fast forward 5 years and he asked Linda if I would work on his hot rod. Now this car has been to everyone else in these years, but who does he call when he's really in need...
  8. Ignition questions

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    So I've got an MSD 6al box, and an MSD Distributor and coil. The MSD box itself is hooked up and should be just dandy. My question is how do I wire up my ignition switch/starter/alternator? I've got the switched signal going to the MSD box, but what connects from the ignition switch to the...
  9. this would be amazing!!

    Engine Topics
    Is there a website or anyone or anywhere i can get all the diagrams for my 87 el camino conquista. I know they have the manual but i am looking for it on a computer. So my question is- is there a website someone can direct me to for all diagrams wiring vacuum exedera etc. or if some kind soul...
  10. Rewiring a 75?

    Electrical Systems
    Hey there folks, after my near electrical fire tonight, I've decided that a full rewire of my car is in order. I've looked into this a bit before, and from what I hear, painless wiring is to be avoided (at least for us) because it is rather painful. Anybody know a) a good supplier for a full...
  11. right power window will not work

    Electrical Systems
    1984 El Camino. switch on driver's door works both windows. NEW switch on passenger door will not work. Does anyone have a wiring diagram or suggestions? Occasionally, passenger window switch will work up only. HELP - going crazy
  12. None of my gauges work... Help?

    Electrical Systems
    None of the gauges work on my 73 SS. Ignition, exterior lights, and wipers all work, but none of the gauges, radio, A/C, work at all. It's tricky driving a 454 with no fuel gauge... I don't have a lot of experience on the electircal side of things, so I just wanted to see if you folks had any...
  13. Complete Wire Harness Replacement

    Electrical Systems
    Has anyone replaced their entire wiring harness (e.g., something like a Painless kit) with the car in one piece (i.e., not prepped for painting or restoration). Obviously it would be easier to do with the car stripped down to its bare bones. I'm curious if performing this replacement with the...
  14. help with lights 79 elky

    Electrical Systems
    I am having bad issues with my lights all around. Headlights work good but my taillights sometimes work and sometimes they don't. I have cleaned up the connection by the bumper didn't help. Made a new gound from bumper to frame. My front left blinker blinks passenger don't. I'm thinking just a...
  15. New Power Window Wiring?

    Electrical Systems
    Does anyone know if there is a wiring harness kit to replace the wiring from the power window motor to the switch(es) for a 1981 El Camino? The original wiring in my Elky is so brittle it keeps breaking. Any info about this would be greatly appreciated.
  16. 71 El Camino no power to compressor clutch

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Starting to look at the AC on my 71 (factory AC)... All blower speeds and Vac/doors respond fine. Jumpered the Ambient switch no power on the light blue wire. Jumpered 12V to Compressor, engages fine, compressor is quiet, sight glass shows freon moving. When I put wiring back to normal, the...
  17. diagrams

    Electrical Systems
    I was wondering if there was a single place that i could get all my wiring diagrams. there has been alot of rebuilding being done to my 87 elco and its a pain in the rear having to go and look online or call the dealer for a diagram of this and that. is there a book where i can find it all or an...
  18. Gas Gauge Not Working

    Electrical Systems
    I am rebuilding my 69 and I just installed my dashboard. All the components are working correctly except my gas gauge. When the key is out and the car is off the gas gauge is on full, then when I turn the car on the needle goes past full...any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?
  19. Help!!!!!!

    Electrical Systems
    Ok guys. i know that im supposed to be talking about my elcamino but its running fine. however... my 1986 chevy s10 with a built 350 caught fire under the dash and almost burnt to the ground!!! i have no clue how to fix wiring and ive only had the truck for 4 days i dont want to give it back i...
  20. What harness is best for 76 classic?

    Electrical Systems
    Have a 76 Classic and a 77 Classic parts car. I'm actually driving the 76, but it needs new wires. Who makes the best complete wiring harness that I can put in without totally taking it apart?