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1959 Chevrolet Tarrytown Factory Pics

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Cool pics. thank you!
I really like this one..:beer:
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Flash back.

Possible engine sizes? 283s, 348s, or 409s, 250s. :inlove:
I like this one

If it won't fit get a bigger spoon!!!:nanawrench:
Cool pics!!
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really enjoyed the pictures.I had a 59 Belair 2door post with a 283 and 3 on the colum my senior year IN hs (1965)
It is amazing to see how raw steel can be worked into a finish car. And to think that in 1959 1.5 million Chevrolets were built in this manner. This is a small amount when you consider how many were built in the seventies but, this is pre-automation. No computer welders or just in time parts. The shots of final assembly, where there are several guys working on the cars at once top, bottom,front back and sides is crazy.:nanawrench:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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