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i just saw a youtube video on the Toranados the other day. the '66 was the first yr. model and also the first production car that had FWD. out of the first gen. of these the '66 was the most desirable. they were advanced for their time,,, so neat! sorry, dont mean to high jack your thread but saw this on youtube last night.... Only the first 2:50 min. is worthy, unless you like Wayne... then watch it all 😆

If you liked the '59 El Camino/SSR, here is more info on it.
The El Camino SSR was shipped in as one of the 5 featured builds of Honored Guests Super Rides By Jordan at the American Heritage Car Show in Escondido.

All 5 vehicles showed a tremendous amount of work.

I thank them for taking the time at the show to explain some of the processes of the build.
It started with an SSR and I am not sure how much of a '59.
It has the interior, dash, folding top, seats, windshield, LS engine and a section of the frame from the SSR.
Since the SSR is narrower, they faced many challenges to section the El Camino influenced parts and then try to maintain some balance of the details.

The hood has about 8 inches removed ( sectioned out ), so try to balance that out and you see overall they did a very good job.
The doors are 4 inches longer, with a lot of work to blend the door jams.
Door weather stripping is SSR, with metal work galore to step up to the EC lines.
The quarter panel on the SSR is very deep, so those areas needed to be custom fabricated.
The multiple bed sections allow the SSR top to go up and down,
Additionally, the rear most bed cover lifts to reveal about a 5 ft bed ( that is beyond where the top folds ).
Look at the tailgate, and imagine taking about 8 inches out and then working the lights split between the fenders and tailgate to try to get it to resemble the '59 without looking huge.
The fin lines in the tailgate were adjusted to come close to the drop of the '59.
I am not sure if they modified '59 front and rear bumpers or fabricated new narrower ones.
For the frame. the center section, engine, and I think the front suspension are SSR. Yet frame forward and that long bed required additional fabrication.

Aside from "tears" if a fair to good '59 was cut up. The work on this car was really good.
Here is the link to images from Super Rides. 59 El Camino SSR, Project In Process
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