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Congrats on the SC&C suspension! You will love the Lee box!! I have one, it is like a dream. It snaps back to center like a manual and gives excellent road feel. Hands down the best thing I ever bought for my car.. If it feel too hard at first don't get alarmed, you just have to get used to them. You will love the new feel once you get that elco out on the twisty's.. I also got a 13" Grant wheel ($80).. I really love the feel it gave my new suspension..

I know Mark gives alignment settings but I ended up with my own. I have +8 caster on the drivers side, +8.5 on the passengers side. -..25 negative camber both sides. 1/16 toe in both sides...
This setting really gave me nice highway feel, high negative camber on the highway made my car continually go side to side, I was always correcting.I had the negative camber set at both a half degree and then at 1 degree, nether worked well. Having the front tires flat on the road made a big difference. Also the high positive caster really brings the camber on as soon as the wheels is turned, when you want it..

That fill really looks like something I need for my 69. Its like being in a empty drum. I have to keep my woofer down low (photo).. I use the stock Delco radio for a head unit and run it into a Blaupunkt amp. Then have one 8" woofer and one 6x9 Blaupunkt five way. It gives me nice hi fidelity mono sound..
That fill is what I need unless you know something else.. Thank you!

1 - 1 of 488 Posts