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I am still working out a few bugs:
1. Mount electronic shifter into center console
2. Get DD gauges to register shift lever position
3. Get PCS paddle shifter display to not cut out so frequently.
4. Reverse lights not working
5. Safety neutral switch not working
6. Decide on buton combo I like - New switches on order with custon GV and O/D logos

But, more importantly I have had a few test drives now and totally love the combo of GV and paddles with electronic shifter. Everything feels great with accurate, firm shifting with predictable delays that are easy to account for.

Also, "almost" all-in on doing a rear end gear swap to Yukon 3.73s. I am still awaiting a quote from a local shop, but I am leaning towards buying a shop press and dial indicators and tackling this project myself. I plan to make setup bearings the current bearings. The big plus to the plan is that if I can handle this work, then I will do a gear swap in my wifes Jeep Wrangler. We bought it with 4" lift and 35" tires and it is a dog off the line and with top end power. We can't even get into 6th gear as it has no power at 70+ mph in 5th gear with an rpm around 1800rpm. I even added a superchips computer upgrade. It helped, but not as much as I hoped. The Jepp came with stock 3.71 (i think) gears and I plan to upgrade to 4.56 gears to restore the power, which is the recommendation I got from an avid Jeeper.
201 - 201 of 201 Posts