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1970 El Camino 350 Daily Driver Project - Lots of modern Modz

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I am new to this forum. I am hoping to share some of my modz and project work while gaining some insight from others as well.

I have been building a new 2019 Subaru Forester Sport for the past year or so since buying it. I am glad to learn that the El Camino Central forum uses the same forum engine. Should be easy transition.

I am known for posting detailed build projects with lots of photos and hope to do the same for this project. I will share a little about this car and then I will move forward with some projects.

This car belonged to my father-in-law. He bought it in about 1990. It was his pride to work on. He did a restoration himself including the paint. There is nothing original about this car. It does not have matching numbers. He built it the way he wanted to drive it and he was proud of that.

Before his passing, the car had sat untouched for about 3 years. We fired it up and in his last year of life we spent some time working on the car together. Since he has passed, I slowly began moddifying this car in about 2015 to become a daily driver. Like him, I wanted this car to be what I wanted to drive and enjoy. I also want this to be a car to remmeber him by and one that my wife will drive and enjoy as well, especially since it was her father.

Since 2015, my wife feels scared to drive this car. My pursuit has been long but continues with the premise that I want to convert this car into something with a modern and reliable feel. I have no interest in keeping this car original at all. Therefore, this project build is all about performance, comfort, and reliability.

And away we go . . .
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ETA and un Crating Party?
Sorry to hear this.

Scott, did your driveshaft get modified (shortened) to support the addition of the gear vendors overdrive?
Could it be out of balance and causing a vibration?
Vibration: Before the engine removal, when you did your last 1/4 mile tests, is it possible that one of the torque converter turbine blades bent or one broke on one end? This might change the pressure and maybe the amount of fluid (weight) in parts of the spinning convertor. This might cause vibrations. I don't know how commonly this occurs.

I think you have a TH350 or TH400, so I don't think you have a torque converter clutch, so this would not be TCC shuddering.
Might not be the best reference;
3) Vibrations and Shakiness
If you accelerate your vehicle past 40 mph and experience a lot of shakiness and vibrations in the cabin, then you probably have a bad torque converter. It will feel as if you’re driving on a gravel or bumpy road. You cannot let this problem carry on for too much longer because it could lead to even bigger problems with your transmission or engine.
5 Symptoms of a Bad Torque Converter in Your Car - Autocartimes.com
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Possibly some thoughts and checking with video.
Torque converter vibration - YouTube
Have you checked into pawning that trophy yet?
Sorry Scott that the trans modifications might not have gone as you hoped.
Did you get your Craftec cover today?

Did I tell you that I was stationed in OK for 3 years?
I used to drive south to North TX, so that I would have a North TX accent rather than OKee talk..
I learned how to be nice to those Texas young ladies. First, they are all young ladies. Talkin' nice to them can get you little favors, but don't try to take advantage of them. I hear the voice of a good lady from TX and my phone voice slips right back to north TX.

Did you send them a picture of your El Camino? Did you tell them your El Camino was supercharged so it needed to have it's bed cover quick to make it even quicker? They tolerate and anticipate a little bragging. Did you pay for sooper dooper freight? On the piggy back train that goes the Southern Border Friendship Route and runs 24 hours a day to the coast? Or did you go through the snow in the steep Colorado mountains on twisty roads?

Yep, yep, sure, sure, you will get yours before I do. Mine has special aerodynamic style modifications that I cannot disclose not offered on the website. Did you get the optional parachute?

Hehehehehe.... I'll give you a couple car length head start on that shipping.
Look at that. The yellow lights are lighting up on the tree.

How's that for early Monday morning smack talk?
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Two UPS truck lengths head start.

The driver of the brown truck said, "Hummm, I don't think I ever delivered here the last few years".
Look at that, there are boxes in the bed of my '70.
"Yes, those are real boxes. Guaranteed! What do you mean they might be like fake time slips?"

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Glad you got it. Craftec folks are easy to work with.
If you look at my cardboard box, watch for the change in sharpie tips. That will separate the true flat bows option from the "ribbing".

With a 3.08 peg leg, I did not need an aero package or parachute. Although I have been collecting info for HkdUp87 for his '85 drag truck.
"TCI Breakaway 2500 stall torque converter?"
What was your previous stall?
Are your spark plug wire guide covers providing a longer contact to spread the load on the valve cover hold downs?
Scott, When I picked up the Wolfstein's Tonneau cover cleaner and protectants, I also picked up a very soft horse hair brush to help clean the leather like texture on the Craftec Cover.
Bottle Automotive tire Glass bottle Drinkware Alcoholic beverage
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Please don't park the truck under the trees. Just look what the birds did to it.
Are your black aluminum finned wire looms not protecting your spark plug wires?

Does this set offer a little more adjustability?
Black Aluminum Finned Universal Wire Loom, 9.5mm Wire (speedwaymotors.com)
I'm confused. I thought your wife's Dad's dog rides in the floor. Didn't the console remove that opportunity?
Will the new console have a better place for his dog to ride with less heat from the exhausts?
Sorry to hear about Dorado's passing.
I knew he like to ride in the '70.
I am glad you found this before swapping alternators.

Are you still changing from the ProMaster 100 amp to a MechMan 170 amp, 240 amp, or the one that requires the twin 14 inch tall air turbines mounted on top of the cab?
@EL S ONE has these special mounting brackets he uses to mount them wide on each side.
Not only will these turbine alternators generate lots of real and static electricity, they also help out if your A/C isn't measuring up. Come complete with aerodynamic triple plated chrome bullet tips and are clearly marked with "Custom" badging. They come in black, white, cement and Verdugo Green and a luscoius Bomba Brown.
The prototype was first found near area 51.

But wait, there's more!
Today you get two (2) mounting kits.

Due to the classified nature and limited quantity, I am not permitted to add a link.
Yet you know who to contact.

Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive lighting
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Good Job Scott on your testing.

It seems the charger brought battery Voltage to 12.53 V.

It is then 14.6V before the images with the new Mechman alternator installed.
Do you know if any of that increase was from the older alternator bumping voltage prior to the switch?
@sdcerreta Are you coming to the South Coast of the Golden State?
No monsoons here.
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