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Hello, I have a 1972 ElCamino that i just finished restoring, has a 400 in it thats been rebuilt mostly stock. It sat for 6 years while getting restored and I got it on the road in April 2012. It runs great, and drives great, but i came across a problem 2 months ago and i just cant figure it out. My issue is that i started it and it fired right up no issues, the next day i went to back it out of the garage and the starter made grinding noise but fired the engine. So i shut it off and took a look at the starter and some how it ate all the teeth off the starter. Ok so i went and got a new starter and got it in, and now it will not start as in when i turn the key nothing happens. I got it started by jumping the posts on the starter with a wire and now it wont even do that. Is there some kind of adjustment in the ignition switch or do i need a new one? I havent been able to even move it out of my driveway in 2 months! Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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