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OK, so here’s the deal. I helped one of my old buddies a while back, clean out one of his storage units. He goes to different storage facilities and bids on units that people have abandoned or just not paid for. Anyways, he purchased a unit back in the late 80’s that ended up having a bunch of car parts in them. He’s not a car-nut so when he opened a few boxes and saw some emblems, he just stacked them all in one of his many storage connexes. I saw the boxes marked “car parts” and opened a couple.
The one box that he had already opened had a bunch of 1978 to 1980 3rd Gen Monte Carlo Trunk-lock covers that are new, but they are not in the boxes. There was a box that had some Malibu Landau B-Pillar cover assemblies and the last box I opened had what looked like the black and chrome trim pieces that go on either side of the 78-80 Monte Carlo license plate pocket and the matching piece the goes on the top center of the rear bumper cover. I purchased the entire lot from him, but I only brought the trunk-lock covers home. I will bring home the Monte Carlo License pocket / upper bumper trim, the Malibu Landau B-Pillar covers and open the other boxes (...hoping there is other GM stuff in there) when I return to the states. I am in Kabul, Afghanistan at Camp Eggers Combined Forces Base right now, but I hope to be home sometime this year. A buddy of mine will be coordinating the shipping for all those that want to purchase the trunk-lock covers. I have sold 23 of them on ebay for $250.00. I will sell them on the forums for $185.00+S&H ($8.50) If there are clubs that want to buy multiple pieces I will offer a discounted price. I don't get to this site as often as I would like so if you are interested please email me at [email protected] Check out the pics!!
Let me know”

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