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Had the head gaskets replaced in my 81 El Camino [FUNAGLE] and some of the vacuum lines [and a few other things!] were not put back together properly.

The motor is a 231 V6 with CA smog.

I could definitely use some help here. Please see attached photos:

Auto parts stores around here can not identify or find what these two round vacuum relays are.

They look identical. Each one has a vacuum line coming out of the bottom and each one has three wires coming out of the side that end in a wire connector.

They come up as 'MAP' Sensor in the auto parts stores computers but the MAP Sensor is just behind these two round 'things' ...

There are four vacuum lines coming out of the vacuum canister. The one in the above photo that is highlighted in red is a smaller diameter than the other three.

The vacuum diagram that I have shows this fourth vacuum line going into the carb but I can not find any open fitting for it to go into.

These 1981 231 V6 CA smog engines have vacuum lines all over the place.
The vacuum diagram shows eight vacuum lines going into the carburetor!

Any help very much appreciated!

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Those "two round things" are first generation MAP and BARO sensors. This style was used almost exclusively in 1981 I believe if my memory serves me correctly. The later ones, 82-up, are the rectangular plastic ones more common today. I also think that if these fail, they can replaced with the "newer" style.
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