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1983 Chevy El Camino, V8 350 5.7L GAS (Not Diesel) has Edelbrock Chrome Air Cleaner, Edelbrock #1406 600cfm Carburetor, Edelbrock #2701 Performer EPS Intake Manifold, Edelbrock #2102 Camshaft & Lifter kit, Edelbrock #8134 Chrome fuel line with filter, Spectre Chrome Valve Covers, Hedman Hedders #68310, MSD Ignition GM HEI Red Distributor Cap & Rotor #8416, MSD # 31359 Wire set red HEI Style, MSD # 8225 Ignition coil GM HEI Int., A1-Cardone Remanufactured Distributor #AAZ-30-1985, Cloyes Street True #9-1100SP Timing Set, Worldwide Starter #P3510MS, Spectra Premium Electronic Fuel Pump #SP8012U, Spectra Premium Radiator #CU162, Murray A/C Condenser #2034, Transmission TH400 (Bullett Proofed), Summit Racing TH400 Dual Exhaust Crossmember #770307, Stock 14 inch tire w/ original rims includes spare, Serpentine Setup.

Engine ran good until I took it to the autoshop to have intake manifold gasket changed and timing reset, now engine has knock and no oil pressure, they either scraped the RTV off and left it fall in the engine clogging the oil pump or didnt connect the oil pump back to the bottom of the distributor when the removed the distributor to change the intake manifold gasket. Either way just don't have time for it anymore. $3500 OBO.


Any Takers?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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