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A new Modified class has been added to the class list. Last year stock and modified were lumped together which is many cases was not fair to the stock vehicles. The new 2011 El Camino classes have been posted by Carlisle Events as follows:
1959 - 1960 EL CAMINO
1964 - 1967 EL CAMINO
1968 - 1972 EL CAMINO
1973 - 1977 EL CAMINO
1978 - 1981 EL CAMINO
1982 - 1987 EL CAMINO

The problem is that all generation modifieds are lumped together.

Last year and most previous years we only had 1 or 2 cars in each of the Gen 1 and Gen 4 classes and I see no reason to think that will change much. I have suggested a change which I think should work pretty well:

1st/2nd Generations El Caminos:
59-67 Stock
59-67 Modified

3rd/4th Generations:
68-77 Stock
68-77 Modified

5th Generations:
78-81 Stock
82-87 Stock
78-87 Modified

This still leaves seven classes but gives separate stock and modified classes by generations.

Until (if) Carlisle approves this change and you want to pre-register just go ahead to take advantage of the savings. Once they make the change we can change our registrations at that time.
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