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3rd generation bumpers

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1968 tailgates have the back up lights in the bumpers, but 69-72 have them in the tailgate i think. i have only found 68 rear bumpers that fit my 70. is it correct for them to have the backup light holes in the bumper even thought they are really in the tailgate? where can i get a 70 rear bumper without the backup holes?
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1970 Rear Bumpers

70s do not have the backup light holes in the bumper. Try OPG (Original Parts Group). www.opgi.com Good Luck! :beer:
the backup light holes turn into parking lights and instead have red lenses after 1968. Everything should be the same size.
1970 rear bumpers have 2 rectangular holes. The holes have a metal housing with a red lens, no bulb, just acts as a refelecter. The backup lights are in the tailgate.
I have a 69 with two reflectors in the rear bumper. The reverse lights are in the tailgate. I wish they were in the bumper though.
Late post but just an FYI
You could get a 67-68 bumper and but a "tail gate skin cover" for the gate. Makes for a nice smooth look.
I bought a 69 that the PO had put a 68 rear bumper on, so it has backup lights in both bumper and tailgate. I like them in the bumper, so I am going to buy a "tail gate skin" and run with a smooth rear gate
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