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got a 4.3L V6, recently the dampener went out, and when it went out it went spectacularly!!
killed the seals at the timing chain cover, and tore a hole through the timing chain cover, i just found out about the damage to the cover, so now i'm sorta scrambling to find a new one
i've been told that pretty much any SBC cover will work, is this true? i found this on the GM Goodwrench site, so i'm inclined to agree, but i like to check any and all info i find because 1) i'm a suspicious person and 2) i'm very close to being broke

12342089 Timing Cover - Chrome (Licensed part by GM)
For use on Chevrolet small-block V8 1995-99 first design and V6/90º engines. It is a direct replacement for all late model small-block and V6/90º front covers that use a bolt-on timing pointer. Replacement oil-seal: P/N 10243247.
Technical Notes: These timing covers, engineered to GM standards for reliable installation, are stamped with the distinctive Chevrolet logo. They are supplied with GM production oil seals installed.
i also found this site, it doesn't have any real info in it, but, if the above info is correct, then the prices look good

i also would like to know if a SBC water-pump would fit my 4.3L, if so, can anyone recommend a good, high-flow pump?
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