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So I did the tubular upper and lower control arms with new bushings and ball joints along with an inexpensive disc brake conversion. Had some fitment issues ( "59 Elk aftermarket tubular upper and lower control arms, serious negative camber issues!" older thread) but appears the issue is resolved (at least as long as it will align).
Going in for the alignment next week and ordered new Moog inner and outer tie rod ends with sleeves to install. Looking to order the Idler, Pitman Arm and perhaps drag/center link or repair kit to ultimately have all new steering linkage with upgraded suspension. Looks like the pitman arm is a non wear part (no joints to wear) however the drag/centerlink has a wearable joint for the pitman arm. It seems a shame to order a new drag/centerlink just for the pitman arm joint as long as it isn't tweeked right?. Has anyone had any luck installing a repair kit for this connection? Speedway looks to handle the new draglink $89 and a repair kit $39. Other question is if I decide to upgrade later to power steering how much of this steering gear will I be replacing?
Any you 59 fans been there done that?
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