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I am in need of all sorts of stuff here to finish my 80 El Camino! Some of this stuff I most likely will have to buy new but figured I'd ask here first just in case... I need the following:
1.) New Black Headliner
2.) Grant steering wheel adapter (prefer billet one)
3.) Iceman Crossmember (TH350)
4.) tubular rear upper and lower arms
5.) Front control arm bushings (polyurethane)
6.) New a/c components such as compressor, lines, dryer, etc
7.) Retro fit roller cam setup for my sbc with flat top pistons and Vortec heads (something for daily driving)
8.) Steel cowl hood (2"-4")
9.) Rear roll pan
10.) Fiberglass front bumper

These are most of the parts I'm in need of. Other than that I could use an aftermarket sway bar setup (front and back) and whatever else you may have to complete my 355 build. Like I said, I'm sure most of this I will have to buy new but thought that maybe some of you may have some of this stuff that you bought and decided not to use...
Thanks a lot in advance!

Maliburacing.com has everything you need. That's where I get some items for cheap.:beer:
Most members there are also on here as well since the have mainly A and G body parts.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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