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5th gen Quarter Panel Emblem Placement

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Does anyone know the specific location to place the quarter panel emblems on a 5th gen? I purchased some new emblems for my car but don't know the placement since they were not on the car when I bought it. I found one thread on this subject but it was a guesstimate at that.

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Just took some measurements from my 87. They very about 1/8 inch from one side to the other though. On the drivers side, I get 1-7/8" from the gas door flap to the top of the E. That's also about 2-3/8" from the O to a vertical line extending up from the rear bumper where it wraps around to the side. I have the side chrome and the emblems are 2-5/8" above the chrome. On the passenger side again 2/5/8" from the E to a vertical line extending from the rear bumper and 2-5/8" above the side chrome.


Thanks for the measurements! That should work pretty good.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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