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I know I am a pest, ha.

Has there been a plan so far on whos going to meet where? from the NW? Maybe Sheridan WY Or in UT? And give everyone enough time to meet, ??
We are in no hurry, and plan on maybe 450 miles a day?

Chuck in Portland area

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Lol no pestering. It should be expected.

The route I’m taking looks to be the fastest

Day1 771miles on i84 straight to Salt Lake City 10-11 hours
Day2 lighter day 600 miles to Albuquerque NM 9-10 hours
Day3 about 628 miles arrive in Arlington TX. 9-10 hours

And of course there is the possibility to push a little harder on each if we’re up for it.

I’m thinking 29-31 hours one way. I’ll more than likely be driving by myself don’t think I can talk the wife into traveling that long with me
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